RRIPL started its Fire Clay & High Alumina production in 1978. We are producing approximately 15000 MT/PA fireclay & high alumina bricks along with 14000 MT PA monolithics.

We are serving to Iron & Steel, Aluminium, Ferro Chrome, Copper, Power, Glass, Petroleum and many other industries. 

We manufacture bricks having 30% to 95% Al2O3. Our Bricks are used in:

Blast Furnace, Stove,  Lime Kiln, Torpedo,Hot Metal, ABF, Pot Furnace,Rolling Mill, SMS area, Glass Tank Furnace, Chemical Tanks, Digestor and many other areas. 

We are one of the leading manufacturing companies to manufacture Bottom Pouring Bricks with Al2O3 74% and higher. 


Our specialized High Alumina products are as follows :

> Dense fire bricks and HA bricks up to 95.0 % Al2O3

> High Alumina bricks for BF & Stove including checquers

> High Alumina bricks for Anode Backing Furnace

> High Alumina bricks for Submerged Arc Furnace and CFBC boilers

> Fireclay & HA bricks for Non recovery Coke Oven

> Super grade Al-Si-C bricks for HOT Metal Ladle

> Mullite bricks, Zircon-Mullite bricks & SiC Bricks

> Alumina Chrome bricks for Pellet Plant or Carbon Reactor

> Alumina Spinel bricks for Steel ladle

> High Alumina Bottom Pouring Refractory for Special Alloys




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