Sailent Features of ranchi Rafractories DBMC/RBMC Bricks

Availability of best raw materials from across the world.

Low SiO2 level ensuring direct bonding through solid-state sintering at high temperature.

Low SiO2 level ensures direct bonding through solid-state sintering at high temperatures. Temperature tunnel kiln ensures high temperature fired (>1,8000C) directly bonded bricks with low porosity and permeability making our basic bricks resistant to molten metal/slag attack. 

Our Magnesia Carbon Bricks have gained importance as a standard material for linings in different equipment like ladles, electric arc furnaces, LD converters, etc., in the steelmaking process. 

Our aim is to achieve predictable lining life with maximum equipment availability at the lowest possible cost.

Facilities for Manufacturing Basic Bricks:

Automated Electric Screw Press . ESP 800T . ESP 630T . High Temperature Tunnel Kiln 1750oC . Tempering Kiln . High Intensive Counter Current Mixer . Ball Mill . Jaw Crush

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